Angus Hawkes
Age 10



Angus Hawkes
Son, Brother, Friend

We are asking for your support for Luke, Lauren and Indie Hawkes as together they put all their energy and love into helping their 10 year old son/brother, Angus in his battle against a malignant tumour on his bladder. Doctors have identified the tumour as one of the rarest tumor types known in the world and Angus is facing the fight of his life to overcome the illness.

Angus goes to school locally and loves his footy very much. He has been a very strong player at the Sharks junio Rugby League footy club since he started playing in the under 6 grade, so of course when we heard about Angus, the Sharkies have come together to try and help the family while they focus all their energy on their beautiful little boy getting the treatment he needs for a full recovery.

Angus has been a resident at Ronald McDonald House Newcastle since the beginning of August undergoing a series of tests to determine the best course of action to treat the illness. Due to the rarity of the tumour, the doctors needed 100% surety before starting treatment. Those tests have now been completed and doctors have decided upon a treatment program for Angus.

This will be a challenging time for Angus and his family. Rare cancer specialists at Sydney Children's Hospital are now in charge of the treatment program which has meant Angus and his family have had to relocate to Randwick for the next few weeks whilst they try and treat the tumour using the very latest in new medications under the watchful eye of the specialists.

We ask you to please join with us to help Angus and his family in this fight against a terrible disease. The Hawkes family face uncertain times. Their life is now all about being there for Angus as it should be. We can help by donations and we are asking you to join with us to help Angus and his family. Any donation you wish to make will be used as a prize for our raffle with 100% of proceeds going to the Hawkes family.

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We appreciate everyone's support

We have been overwhelmed by how many people have reached out to us to offer their support. 

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for any support you can provide our family during this trying time.